Monthly Archive:: December 2016

Super Chef Shirt

Super Chef T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns Super Chef! Faster than a speeding souffle, more powerful than a local fast food chain, able to create delicious food in a single kitchen! Fun gift for your favorite chef!

Dark Alleys Bowling Shirt

Dark Alleys T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns I like hanging out in dark alleys. A bowling ball knocks down some bowling pins in a dark alley. Funny gift for your favorite bowler!

Coffee Is Life Mug

Coffee is Life Travel Mug by StargazerDesigns There is no life without water because without water there is no coffee, and without coffee I will kill you all. Humorous gift for any devout coffee lover!

Chemistry Cooking Shirt

Chemistry is like Cooking T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns Chemistry is like cooking. Just don’t lick the spoon! Cute kawaii spoon and flask make a great gift for any chemistry student or professor.

Baby Bunny Pink Maternity Shirt

Baby Bunny Pink Maternity T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns A cute baby wearing a pink hat with bunny ears. Let everyone know your little girl is on her way!

Baseball Breakthrough Shirt

Baseball Breakthrough T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns A baseball crashes through, cracking the surface and sending pieces flying. Cool gift for any baseball fan!

Retired Hammock T-Shirt

Retired Hammock T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns You’re retired! Get to the beach, get a drink, lie down in your hammock, and relax! Cool gift for the new retiree.

Soccer Pink Custom Flip Flops

Soccer Pink Custom Flip Flops by StargazerDesigns Pink Soccer Flip Flops! It’s all about pink and the love of soccer. Great for school teams. Personalize and add your custom name, team and number.

Nanasaurus T-Shirt

Nanasaurus T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns Nanasaurus! Cute dinosaur nana diplodocus. Great gift for any grandma who loves dinosaurs.

Big Sister Bunny T-Shirt

Big Sister Bunny Toddler T-shirt by StargazerDesigns Big sister bunny is protecting her little rabbit sibling with an umbrella while they sit in a puddle. Cute gift for any big sis!

My Auntiesaurus Loves Me Shirt

My Auntiesaurus Loves Me Toddler T-shirt by StargazerDesigns My Auntiesaurus loves me! Aunt dinosaur gives her heart to her little dino niece or nephew. Cute gift!

Fishing Camp Custom T-Shirt

Fishing Camp Custom T-Shirt by StargazerDesigns A fish jumps out of the water after a fishing fly hook. Customize with your name, family name, or group name. Cool shirt for anyone who loves fishing.